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Dear God web series — Episode 1

Dear God follows Jesus, a modern-day Australian hipster with a man-bun and a cheeky personality, as he navigates life in a share house and relationships with his friends, while narrating letters home to his father. Director: Cathy Allen

Welcome To Melville

Welcome To Melville follows the lives of Aldy and Brandt, the last two blue whales in existence, as they narrowly avoid extinction with the assistance of their rehabilitated astronaut guardian. Director: Бретт Никрем, Эндрю Митчелл (Brett Knickrehm, Andrew Mitchell)

Teachers Lounge

A timeless comedy with very little class. Director: Arlene Lagos

This Is Bomb Out

BOMB OUT on tour. The tension-filled relationship between Malte (Voc) and the choleric Hannes (Git) is already revealed when the posters are put up. It comes to an argument when Malte sprays the tour bus which Hannes is vouching for. Additional fuel: A professional guitarist is called in for the Berlin show. To unite the …Read more »

JIMMY & JONNY — The Handover

A sitcom centered around two peculiar dudes and their wacky adventures. Director: Sebastian Wegner, Nico Bourgeais