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The first road movie with no drivers. Written and directed by Charles Pelletier. Produced by Stephen Foster. When all that’s good about middle-class workers meets all that’s bad about corporate millionaires and all that’s wrong with technology, the inevitable result is a hysterical new comedy short that slashes the tires of corporate America. Director: Charles …Read more »

The Linda Eldridge Program

A public access show is taken over by two local comedians when the host of the previous show mysteriously goes missing. The show is shot in a way where all talent is not in the know about what is going to happen next. They must roll with the punches as The director, Snaff, is plotting …Read more »


“Mole’s” (42) house is about to be auctioned off and his business has gone belly up. He waits in a bar for a certain Taruffetti who his brother-in-law set him up with. However, when Taruffetti shows up he’s not what he was expecting. This bizarre old man who doesn’t beat around the bush assures Mole …Read more »

Font of Infamy

A comedy imbued documentary, about the history of typefaces. While headlining the most popular and infamous font of ‘em all…Comic Sans. Director: Savvas Constantinou

Don’t Pick Up

A young woman’s first day on her new job is turned upside down when she is forced to face her greatest fear…making phone calls! Director: Melanie Kaklamanis