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A Poor Blue-Footed Booby Goes to TOKYO

The blue-footed boobies of the Galapagos Islands have a rule that only males with blue feet can be popular. After being rejected in a courtship dance by his favorite female, the protagonist sets out on a quest to find «blue sneakers» in Tokyo, across the sea. Director: Haruna Ueno, Tomoko Taiga


When a horde of mutated horseshoe crabs descends on a sleepy costal town on Prom Night, it’s up to wheelchair bound Philip McCalister and a rag tag band of locals to save the world! Director: Pierce M. Berolzheimer

Teachers Lounge

A timeless comedy with very little class. Director: Arlene Lagos

The only start are above

Small and medium-sized businesses have gone through very difficult times during the pandemic. In such moments, ingenuity, a positive attitude, and, most importantly, the ability to remain oneself in any circumstances come to the rescue. So, the employees of the theatrical cafe, who became by necessity the agency of star doubles, managed not only to …Read more »

This Is Bomb Out

BOMB OUT on tour. The tension-filled relationship between Malte (Voc) and the choleric Hannes (Git) is already revealed when the posters are put up. It comes to an argument when Malte sprays the tour bus which Hannes is vouching for. Additional fuel: A professional guitarist is called in for the Berlin show. To unite the …Read more »