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JIMMY & JONNY — The Handover

A sitcom centered around two peculiar dudes and their wacky adventures. Director: Sebastian Wegner, Nico Bourgeais

Adam & Eve

ADAM & EVA is about the dejected professor Adam (Bob De Moor) whose zest for life is sparked when he falls in love with Eva, a local beauty, and when a beautiful friendship develops with the sick Michel, a castle lord (Marijn Devalck). Director: Nicolaas Rahoens

The First Jewish Surfer

An honest, personal, unflinching look into the life of the self-proclaimed world’s first Jewish surfer— Adam “A-Rab” Rabinowitz. Director: Brett Maline

The Man for Your Sins — Under Pressure

Full 2nd Season — 9 Episodes: A Priest listens to confession in a container. Comedy Web Series Director: Joachim Jung

2020: A Comedy Special

The COVID-19 pandemic cut the world off from experiencing live comedy, but laughter prevailed. We followed comedians and comedy club owners across the country and saw how the pandemic didn’t stop comedy, it reinvented it. The world shut itself down in 2020. As cities, states and entire countries reacted to the COVID-19 pandemic, restaurants, bars …Read more »