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Gaganachari is a sci-fi mockumentary that takes place in a dystopian future where civilization is rattled by the existing strangle-hold of a hostile socio-political climate. The story focuses on the lives of three bachelors who reside in an apocalypse bunker whose lives get turned upside down when a visitor from a far off planet enters …Read more »

Welcome to the Family

Leonid Ivanovich is a criminal mastermind. He loves only two things in this world: being the «Godfather» and his daughter Mira. In order not to anger the boss, everyone bypasses Mira. Except Sasha, who knew nothing about the family, and just fell in love at first sight. Now he has a difficult task — not …Read more »


The first road movie with no drivers. Written and directed by Charles Pelletier. Produced by Stephen Foster. When all that’s good about middle-class workers meets all that’s bad about corporate millionaires and all that’s wrong with technology, the inevitable result is a hysterical new comedy short that slashes the tires of corporate America. Director: Charles …Read more »


Hyper intelligent time traveling squid TimeSquid and his unlikely partner, Jack from Titanic, find themselves locked in gladiatorial combat in the Roman Colosseum. TimeSquid’s mission is to harness the butterfly effect to tweak time in just the right way so that humans lose the centuries long future war against the squid, yet remain intelligent enough …Read more »

Searching for Veslemøy

An inept and narcissistic reporter attempts to capitalise on a local cold case to launch his career. He soon finds himself alienating a community of colourful and bizarre characters and failing to find any clues—even when they’re handed to him. Director: Leo X. Robertson, Tom Montgomery