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The Finger on the Button

A pentagon General receives a call from the president ordering a nuclear strike against SOUTH Korea. A Major questions the order. Does the president have dementia? Will a nation be obliterated? Watch and see! Режиссер: Джонни Левис (Jonny Lewis)

Tango in the village N

The short film “Tango in the Village N” is a tragic comedy about the reverse assimilation of haughty urbanites. It turns out that rural life has its own way about it, its own rules and traditions. The attempt to mesh with its world is not always well received, and, at times, can even lead to …Read more »


FYI is a black comedy / road movie shot in a mockumentary style where Tony and Kacy, a couple of hippies, are looking for Joe, a friend from the 70’s who seem never aged a day since then. In fact, Joe is immortal, and tired of living. Tony and Kacy will do their best to …Read more »

Счастье снежного человека (HAPPY SAD FACE — HEART SHIELD)

Охотник находит снежного человека и … влюбляется в него. Режиссер: Равн Эриксон II (Rawn Erickson II )

Community Cuts

A dark mockumentary following the life of a community police support officer on the streets of south London set to the backdrop of huge cuts to policing and rising knife crime. The show is a satirical take on the impact that a decade of austerity has had on our society and front line services. Режиссер: …Read more »