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“Mole’s” (42) house is about to be auctioned off and his business has gone belly up. He waits in a bar for a certain Taruffetti who his brother-in-law set him up with. However, when Taruffetti shows up he’s not what he was expecting. This bizarre old man who doesn’t beat around the bush assures Mole …Read more »

Повар (Cook)

Устав от рутины, русский военный повар встречается с немецким танком, который переворачивает чан с обедом для солдат. Повар мгновенно реагирует и решает восстановить справедливость. Tired of the routine, a Russian military cook meets with a German tank, which overturns a vat of lunchfo r the soldiers. The cook reacts instantly and decides to restore justice. …Read more »

The Linda Eldridge Program

A public access show is taken over by two local comedians when the host of the previous show mysteriously goes missing. The show is shot in a way where all talent is not in the know about what is going to happen next. They must roll with the punches as The director, Snaff, is plotting …Read more »

Curral de Moinas — the people’s bankers

Peace in the fictional Portuguese village Curral de Moinas is disturbed when Quim discovers he had a father who left him a huge inheritance with a bank, the prestigious BLOW-ME (Bank of Loans Over Worth-Market Exchange). So the two friends Quim and Zé head for Lisbon and start living a life of luxury, drinking bubbled …Read more »