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A young woman struggles with her PGAD in her daily life! Finally she discovers that everything is possible to achieve her goals! Режиссер: Димитрис Анджус (Dimitris Andjus)  


Following the lives of Eddie G and Nicki Shapes, two amateur dancers from the Canadian suburbs that dance in an obscure style of shuffling called cutting shapes. These two live day-to-day either working meaningless jobs or practicing their moves in a garage. The duo call themselves Sauga Shapes and post their dancing videos on Instagram …Read more »

The attempt №4

The short film «THE ATTEMPT №4» is a bright comedy of intrigue. With a sudden plot and paradoxical intrigue. The script is based on the play that won the Grand Prix of the International Playwrights Competition «Eurasia-2017». Egor meets Marina at the bus station. She is visibly older, more experienced and, for some reason, immediately …Read more »

Welcome To Melville

Welcome To Melville follows the lives of Aldy and Brandt, the last two blue whales in existence, as they narrowly avoid extinction with the assistance of their rehabilitated astronaut guardian. Director: Бретт Никрем, Эндрю Митчелл (Brett Knickrehm, Andrew Mitchell)


A young man moves back in with his mom after breaking up with his wife, but soon finds out that his mom has a strange new hobby. A poignant story of elderly independence. Режиссер: Фокке Баарссен (Fokke Baarssen)