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Samir’s (Karim Kassem) dream to take part in a prestigious DJ championship in Brussels is shattered to pieces when his flight is redirected to Luxembourg because of a major strike in Belgium. The real adventures begins when he loses all his papers and gets mistaken for a refugee. The colourful film shows DJ Skaarab’s adventures …Read more »

Honeymoon in the West

Lisa, a young newlywed, is captured by a dangerous bandit. With his accomplices, they oblige her to attend the hanging of her husband, Mike. But he manages to escape death and he is going to do his utmost to deliver his wife from the claws of the outlaws. Directors: Laurent Ardoint, Stéphane Duprat

Долгая жизнь стукача (The Long Life of a Snitch)

Одиннадцатилетние мальчишки Мироха и Рыжая едут в загородный дом своих друзей Тёма. Но вместо того, чтобы играть в безобидную военную игру или игровую приставку, он предлагает сыграть в русскую рулетку с револьвером, украденным у его отца. У них одна пуля, дом, запертый изнутри, и Тёма, который хочет с кем-то разобраться … Eleven years old boys …Read more »

Om Nom Nom…

One day, a hungry dinosaur came across a weird jumping egg in the forest. He swallowed it, and then felt some strange rumblings in his tummy. Well, well, well… This stop-motion animation is essentially a funny short story for kids, but its fanciful visual images may also attract adults. The unique imagery of the dinosaur’s …Read more »


An ordinary Girl tells how to survive in the forest, in extreme conditions. Режиссер: Александр Белов