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Gaganachari is a sci-fi mockumentary that takes place in a dystopian future where civilization is rattled by the existing strangle-hold of a hostile socio-political climate. The story focuses on the lives of three bachelors who reside in an apocalypse bunker whose lives get turned upside down when a visitor from a far off planet enters …Read more »

Heat of the Moment

A man on a wheelchair has a disagreement with his «externalized demon» on how to treat their hostage. Режиссер: George Gyftopoulos

Suicide Hotline

Mr Jameson is having a Thursday like any other. That is, until arriving home from work to answer a cold call the likes of which you’ve never come across. And hopefully never will. Mike is an employee of the Suicide Hotline, and he takes his job very seriously. Only the Suicide Hotline isn’t in the …Read more »


A film about a T-rex, who is starving in the desert and looking for food. Director: Yaou Chen


In this comedic short, a divorced man tries to clear out his life with a garage sale, but he doesn’t anticipate all the broken people he’ll attract. Director: Brett Heard