Dark Comedy Short

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A third date does not go as expected when Amy’s lifelong friend Bucky confronts her date Peter. Режиссер: Geoffrey Gould

Some Cats of the Neighborhood

Hanımefendi in her 60s continues her life isolated from the human beings. Every day at the same time, she leaves the house and feeds the cats in the park. One day on the way back home from the park, Bahadır’s car almost hit the lady. And that’s how they know each other. Bahadır is a …Read more »

Suicide Hotline

Mr Jameson is having a Thursday like any other. That is, until arriving home from work to answer a cold call the likes of which you’ve never come across. And hopefully never will. Mike is an employee of the Suicide Hotline, and he takes his job very seriously. Only the Suicide Hotline isn’t in the …Read more »

Heat of the Moment

A man on a wheelchair has a disagreement with his «externalized demon» on how to treat their hostage. Режиссер: George Gyftopoulos

Puppet Killer

While celebrating Christmas at a cabin in the woods, a group of high school students are stalked by a psychotic killer obsessed with horror movie icons. Режиссер: Лиза Овьес (Lisa Ovies)