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Lucky Charm

Loser Vitaliy, flies out with another part-time job and turns out to be ‘at the bottom’ in the literal sense. However, it is at this moment that fate gives him a chance — he finds a valid security officer’s certificate, moreover, he even looks like the person in the photo. Life begins to play with …Read more »

absurd man

An ordinary man… A mysterious drive… A weird bag… _Wait, weird bag?.. Here is the Man vs the Bag… _What, is this a fight? Then, which one will win it? And, who will lose everything but one?.. Don’t Wait, Do Watch! Director: Burak Kum

Meat Jelly

A comedy about how a birthday present might not be who it claims to be… Director: Alexey Marusov

Из этого мира (Outta This World)

Два простодушных друга попадают в межгалактическую битву умов. Two simple minded friends find themselves in an intergalactic battle of wits. Режиссер: Майкл Ловерде (Michael LoVerde)

Бомбочки для ванн с кислым яблоком (Sour Apple Bath Bombs)

Несостоятельный владелец малого бизнеса не знает, почему продажи выросли после того, как двое из его сотрудников начали тайно продавать наркотики в его магазине. A failing small business owner remains unaware as to why there’s a a rise in sales after two of his employees begin secretly selling drugs in his shop. Режиссер: Мэг Поверомо (Meg …Read more »