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The only start are above

Small and medium-sized businesses have gone through very difficult times during the pandemic. In such moments, ingenuity, a positive attitude, and, most importantly, the ability to remain oneself in any circumstances come to the rescue. So, the employees of the theatrical cafe, who became by necessity the agency of star doubles, managed not only to …Read more »

The Double Life of Hugh

Hugh (Nate Ruth) and his father Hugo (Colin Allen) have very different ideas about what it means to be a mime. Director: Ben Tobin


One man’s quest to speak with the right person and obtain the correct form in order to request a new light bulb so he can finish an Efficiency Report that’s due in five minutes 3½ hours ago. Director: David Carey

Suzanna Blana

Suzanna, a budding actress, is getting ready to attend a very important audition. However, when she reaches the door, she realizes that her chance may be lost. Director: Katerina Kalentzi  

The Ball of Light

When an old school bloke goes to his first ever yoga class the results are anything but enlightening. Director: Nick von Schlippe