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Coroninja Episode 1

In times of hardships.. Heroes always appear… In this age of war against Corona, a special force has gathered… They are known as the…. Director: Kazuma Motomura  

A Unicorn in Tel Aviv

A witty Tel Aviv comedy. Alonna, 28, tries to find herself in the big city despite her insistence to live offline. On the brink of giving up, the city unfolds its love and affection. Director: Zohar Ballas

The Double Life of Hugh

Hugh (Nate Ruth) and his father Hugo (Colin Allen) have very different ideas about what it means to be a mime. Director: Ben Tobin

Losers Revolution

Simon, Mehdi and Fred, 3 childhood friends are invited to the funeral of Juan, a former school mate, who had a last wish. He wants the boys to seek revenge by going to their high school reunion and throw his ashes on the people who bullied them back in the days. The end game? Start …Read more »

Little world changers

Three teens try to save the world from butt CEO who threatening the world with a polluting pipe. Director: Daniel Sweed