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Night of The Insolent Vermin

Night of the Insolent Vermin is a feature length comedy, about a group of girl friends who decide to hunker down together, to ride out a deadly hurricane. Little did they know the crazy shenanigans, mutant bugs and misadventures the storm would bring with it. But when Florida falls under marshall law, it is up …Read more »

Popcorn Movie

A timid filmmaking student must muster all her strength to finish her senior film! Director: Bret Jones

Font of Infamy

A comedy imbued documentary, about the history of typefaces. While headlining the most popular and infamous font of ‘em all…Comic Sans. Director: Savvas Constantinou

Dear God web series — Episode 1

Dear God follows Jesus, a modern-day Australian hipster with a man-bun and a cheeky personality, as he navigates life in a share house and relationships with his friends, while narrating letters home to his father. Director: Cathy Allen