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A heartbroken girl goes to the bar «Drunkland» and hopes to get drunk. With the hot bartenders, cocktails, and loud music around…, she soon finds herself in a different world and goes on a crazy adventure of finding true pleasure. Director:  PingHsin Chen

The Linda Eldridge Program

A public access show is taken over by two local comedians when the host of the previous show mysteriously goes missing. The show is shot in a way where all talent is not in the know about what is going to happen next. They must roll with the punches as The director, Snaff, is plotting …Read more »

Everyone Forgot

«You have 0 (zero) new notifications…» It’s Lily’s birthday and nobody seems to care. Desperate for some form of recognition on her special day, Lily turns to a handyman service for company. Director: Theo Kai Marlow

We Need Rent Money

A comedy about 3 party animals who has 7 days to come up with the rent. Director: Blake Evan Laitner


“Mole’s” (42) house is about to be auctioned off and his business has gone belly up. He waits in a bar for a certain Taruffetti who his brother-in-law set him up with. However, when Taruffetti shows up he’s not what he was expecting. This bizarre old man who doesn’t beat around the bush assures Mole …Read more »