Greek mythology Gelos is the divine personification of laughter, the most welcome of the gods, always owes its success to some novel subterfuge. This deity favourably and affectionately accompany everywhere the person who arouses and enacts his laughter, and he will never allow you to grieve in mind, but will implant continual joy on your countenance with his sunny elegance.

We hope you will join us in a days full of fun and endless laughs! We will highlight comedy short and feature films, web series, TV episodic, filmed sketch comedy, Dark Comedy, music video and animation with the goal of screening the best comedic content from around the world for a wide audience! Our dual emphasis is on “discovering” great comedic talent with the purpose of promoting it to both the entertainment industry and the Moscow public, as well as, showcasing the works of seasoned professionals and well-known stars. We are proud to showcase, connect and promote talented comedy filmmakers from all over the world.

Awards & prizes

All officially selected films will be shown online and offline on the big screen during the solemn final ceremony on October 07 – 08, 2023 in Lmassol, Cyprus, and will be able to struggle for the main prize and the title of the “Best Comedy Film”. As well as for the prizes in the standalone nominations.

Best Feature Comedy Film

Best Feature Dark Comedy Film

Best Comedy Short

Best Dark Comedy Short 

Best Alternative Comedy Short

Best Animated Comedy Short

Best Comedy Web Series Episode

Best Student Comedy Short

Best Funny Music Video

Best Fake Commercials

Best Mocumentary

Best Comedy Mobile New Media (Sketches, Skits and Vlogs)

Best Comedy Actor

Best Comedy Actress

Best Comedy Director

Best Cinematography

Dates & Deadlines

Super Earlybird Deadline May 27, 2022

Earlybird Deadline June 30, 2022

July Deadline Juuly 29, 2022

Summer Deadline August 31, 2022

October Deadline October 28, 2022

Autumn Deadline November 30, 2022

Winter Deadline February 28, 2023

Late Deadline June 30, 2023

August Deadline August 31, 2023

Extended Deadline September 30, 2023

Notification Date October 02, 2023

Our team 

Festival President Valery Shanin

Head of Programming Slava Krasko

Assistant of program director Nika Mitrofanova

Director Irina Spirina

PR Manager Alina Fedulova