Winners 2020

Grand Prix

Alon Gur Arye «Mossad» (Israel)

Best Director

Jan Novák «Pepa» (Czech Republic)

Best Cinematography

Kasun Aravinda «Enigma» (UK)

Best Feature Comedy Film

Shae Sterling «Alien Addiction» (New Zealand)

Best Feature Dark Comedy Film

Bryan Skinner «Open For Submission» (Canada)

Best Comedy Short Film

Jörgen Scholtens «Cuckoo!» (Netherlands)

Best Dark Comedy Short Film

Théo Semeteys «Bonne Conduite» (France)

Best Alternative Comedy Short

Dimitris Andjus «Figaro» (Greece)

Best Animated Comedy Short

Minato Matsuda, Haruna Ueno, Tomoko Taiga «Om Nom Nom» (Japan)

Best Comedy TV Pilot / Web Series Episode

Joe Bauer «The Void Rebooted» (Australia)

Best Student Comedy Short

Julia Cowle «Winfield Historical Times…And Other Oddities» (USA)

Best Funny Music Video

Oscar Martin «Nights Are Not The Same Without You» (Netherlands)

Best Fake Commercials

Edward Mizner «Bachelor Dads» (USA)

Best Mockumentary

Harko Wubs «The Human» (Netherlands)

Best Comedy Short in Russian

Vlads Kovalovs «Shot» (Latvia)

Best Actor

Fernando Vieira in «The Man Who Become The Meme» (Brazil)

Best Actress

Elena Lyadova in «Attempt №4» (Russia)

Best Supporting Actor

Eric Kabongo in «Sawah» (Luxembourg)

Best Supporting Actress

Lori Hammel in «American Marriage» (Italy)