Winners 2021

Best Comedy Short

Aleksey Krasnotcvetov Here lived and worked… (Russia)

Best Student Comedy Short

Serafim Chikhladze The Long Life of a Snitch (Russia)

Best Dark Comedy Short

Darragh Moran Bitch (Ireland)

Comedy Web Series Episode

Alexey Khazov Cyberpunk U.S.S.R. (Russia)

Best Mockumentary

Maël Charpentier, Grégoire Delande Le Film Initiatique (France)

Best Feature Comedy Film

Meg Rickards Kaalgat Karel (South Africa)

Best Funny Music Video

Ben Knibb Clean My House (Australia)

Best Fake Commercials

Ian Loyd, Catrin Blythe [BRAND] (USA)

Best Animated Comedy Short

Michael Cusack Meanwhile, at the Abandoned Factory… (Australia)

Best Director

Adam William Cahill Follow the Dead (Ireland)

Best Feature Dark Comedy Film

Hannah Bungard, Tony Hipwell, MilesWatts Zomblogalypse (UK)

Best Cinematography

Meredith Red Murder For Dummies (USA)

Best Comedy Actor

Duncan Scinner The Light Touch (Canada, Greece)

Best Comedy Actress

Vica Kerekes Cream (Hungary)